Sunday, 13 May 2012

Bird mobile

I am making little mobiles to sell at a local craft fair. They're all hand-sewn (because I'm not that neat on the sewing machine). I used a simple straight stitch around the edge in a contrasting embroidery thread.

The finished mobile
I used a variety of old fabrics with complimentary colours / textures / patterns.
This little birds are made from the fabrics old, off-cut and previously loved.

I cut out a paper template for the bird's body and for the wings, pinned it onto the fabric, cut it out then sewed it together. When I got almost all the way around I stuffed the bird with 'cushion stuffing' (not sure what the technical word for that is) and finished it off.

So there it is, my bird-y mobile!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Wall Art

I recently painted these three canvases. They were a housewarming gift. I was given a grey and purple colour pallet and used fabric patterns on cushions as inspiration. I chose simple patterms and used co-ordinating colours.

Geometric pattern

Linked pattern

Fleur pattern

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Inspiration (pt. 1)

Lucky Jackson

I was hopping around tumblr and landed on a mass of incredibly inspiring pieces of work.

This image is just one example of the sorts of things she does. I just wanted to include it in my blog because I wish I was this talented.

Here is a link so you can have a little explore too.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sky baby mobile

Recently two of my friends made a brand new tiny person. I wanted to make something nice for them so I got out my sewing kit and started stitching. We decided on a mobile and wanted it to have a sky theme. So we did a kite and a rainbow...

a sunshine...

hello Mr Sun
 and a lightning cloud (because it's good to learn about good weather and bad)
Mr Lightning-Cloud

and then I threaded them onto ribbon and threaded the ribbon onto an embroidering and there you have it.

An awesome sky themed baby mobile!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Birds in flight

This image was taken over a year ago now but I was looking through  my prints yesterday and suddenly felt very inspired by it.

I began with doing a loose sketch trying to give an impression of movement, concentrating on the shapes birds make when in flight.

I think the image works well but I wanted to take it further and to really get across the notion of flight and movement and freedom of flying.

I grabbed scissors and some old brown packing paper and set to work. I folded the paper, used the shapes of the birds from my sketch and cut out the same shape several times, glued them together and threaded them onto a bamboo skewer.

They're flying from my doorframe, they float and twirl when ever I walk by.I am so happy with it that I have made one for my sister too.